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ECE,Noah's Ark of Blockchain Industry


      ECE, International ecological chain, Noah's Ark of blockchain industry ecology.

In 2020, after the COVID-19,all the businesses face a major crisis. This is an important opportunity to promote the transformation of enterprise organizational methods and will accelerate the digital transformation of industries . Innovative transformation will become a rigid need for enterprise survival, but at the same time, many industries are still being eliminated. At the historic "turning point" of industrial upgrading, ECE International Ecological Public Chain opened a brand new window, and this also represents the future development trend of the digital economy.

ECE International ecological chain aims to build the first brand of blockchain ecological landing. It is jointly initiated by the University of Cambridge, the British ECE Foundation, the Global Sustainable Development Foundation and the China Friendship and Peace Development Foundation. That is, the international ecological public chain is an open, stable, efficient, and safe international ecological application public chain, redefining production and consumption, realizing a new business form of swapping assets, exchanging assets for assets, and exchanging assets for equity. The continuous integration of cross-border industries promotes the coordinated development of physical and virtual industries.

ECE International Ecological Public Chain gathers elite talents from all over the world and is favored by celebrities. Its core technology member Ferricid, graduated with a master's degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has worked for Oracle Software for many years, is a senior software engineer, a blockchain underlying architect, and is good at big data processing, Internet of Things, software development, and virtual transaction technology architecture , Has participated in the development of multiple large-scale blockchain underlying systems. The core member Jerry Ford is a doctoral tutor of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pennsylvania, a master's degree in computer science from the National University of Singapore, an MBA from Stanford University Business School, a big data researcher at the University of London's "space-time laboratory", and an expert in the European blockchain cooperative organization data group Blockchain data and information confirmation tools and the theory of Internet economic localization.

ECE International Ecological Public Chain is based on physical industries, driven by high and new technologies, and shared economy as its strategy.

The adoption of the POC consensus mechanism can be called a typical representative of the blockchain 3.0 landing application era. The virtual digital currency represented by BTC uses the POW consensus mechanism to lead the blockchain 1.0 digital currency era; the virtual digital currency represented by ETH uses the POS consensus mechanism to push the era of blockchain 2.0 smart contracts to a new climax .

ECE International Ecological Public Chain takes ECE as a pass and is mainly used in distributed storage, game DAPP, mall DAPP, social software DAPP and other industrial ecological chains. It will convert physical blockchains to help global enterprises solve the problem of "three reductions, one reduction and one supplement" Problems, improve the blockchain financial industry, realize the dual linkage of chain reform and stock reform, and create a global payment system.

Highlight 1: ECE Game Exchange DAPP, a paradise for all players. This game DAPP accepts tokens from major project parties such as ECE, ETH, USDT, etc .; collects listing fees and customer losses from other project parties, filling DAPP's blood production; online games, offline 50% of the performance of global entertainment venues, landing game DAPP; And repurchase and destruction.

Highlight 2: The ECE mall exchange DAPP leads the nation's preferential purchase. The mall accepts ECE, ETH, USDT and other major project square coins; there is hematopoiesis, charging other project parties 'listing fees and customer losses; online games, offline 50% of the global entertainment venues' performance and tens of thousands of merchants around the world ; And repurchase destruction.

Highlight three: ECE private circle DAPP, on-chain chat, secure encryption, privacy and anonymity guarantee; large capacity, can accommodate tens of thousands of people in a group; can send TOKEN red envelopes, convenient and practical, increase user interest and TOKEN for all collaborators Hold users.


ECE International Ecological Public Chain is a blockchain ecological application covering smart cities, digital finance, real estate transactions, entertainment, global payments, shopping malls, online celebrity live broadcasts, star hotels, cultural industries and physical commerce. Through the circulation of ECE tokens, realize seamless links within the industry, promote the implementation of global blockchain ecological applications, accelerate the development of blockchain 3.0 and the process of digital economy, empower various industries to upgrade, and will be built into the world's first block Noah's Ark of Chain Ecology!

At present, the ECE International Ecological Public Chain has received investment from 108 different countries of the International Ecological Foundation. It is about to start the pre-dig stage of seed round, and it will be available for sale around the world.

You can check, the UK ECE contract address is as follows:


Bisheng Global Bisheng Global Australian Exchange Legal Compliance License and Foreign Exchange License Inquiry Address:https://online.austrac.gov.au/ao/logout.seam?cid=4094

ECE, International ecological chain, Create the first brand of blockchain ecology landing.

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