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Taiwan’s Functional Textiles Thrive on Innovation to Define New Epidemic Prevention Lifestyles




The world continues to be under the threat of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has brought fundamental changes to our daily lives.


Despite the decline in apparel buying in the first half of this year due to confinements, buyers have looked forward to soaring demand for outdoor and leisure lifestyle products in the post-epidemic era. This new trend has again tested the innovative capabilities of Taiwan’s textile industry, according to the Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF).


In order to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Textile Export Promotion Project (TEPP) has integrated software and hardware for better video conferencing while providing tailor-made solutions that have created a new benchmark for business matchmaking.


When it comes to epidemic prevention textiles, the Taiwan Textile Federation has recommended four manufacturers, including Asiatic Fiber Co. which is known for developing special fibers and high-performance yarns. This year, the company is promoting products from the AFC Functional Protection Series and iQmax Functional Intelligence Series.


The AFC Functional Protection Series replaces disposable products with reusable fabrics that can be used in operation rooms and for personal protective equipment. Products from the iQmax Functional Intelligence Series also feature functional textiles – the first fabric that can be used with a mobile device to increase an apparel’s function.

Official Website: https://www.asiatic.com.tw 


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Singtex® Industrial and its subsidiary, Magictex, have also joined the national epidemic prevention textile team. Singtex’s functional fabric can be used for personal protective equipment. Thanks to its waterproof and breathable technology, these protective products can maintain their protective performance even after 30 washes.

Official Website: http://www.Singtex.com/en-global/home; http://www.scafefabrics.com/en-global 


Grandetex Development Co., Ltd. has further collaborated with yarn mills to develop the RICH-y® multi-functional yarn, which combines masterbatch and RICH-y® elements to effectively reduce energy consumption and waste during dyeing and finishing. such fabric has long-lasting anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties, as well as UV and environmental protection capabilities, making RICH-y® the most effective mask available on the market.

RICH-y®-made masks can be provided to buyers to help them better understand the effectiveness of RICH-y® through “Experiential Marketing” of proper epidemic prevention.

Official Website:  http://www.grandetex.com.tw    


Kuen Long Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional textile fabric manufacturer with 44 years of experience in the industry. the company has joined hands with Grandetex Development to promote home furnishing fabrics, urban fashion leisure fabrics, and outdoor sports fabrics boasting eco-friendly functional antibacterial materials. Thanks to its one-stop-shop production model, Kuen Long Textile offers a variety of product combinations featuring RICH-y® and more.

Official website: http://www.kuenlong.com.tw 


Sustainable Textiles Online New Product Launch – Taiwan Textile Federation

Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) will be broadcasting a two-day online new product launch event on the 11th and 12th of November @ 9AM CET via TTF YouTube and Facebook platform. This is a great opportunity to learn the latest development on sustainable textiles from Taiwan!

Watch Via TTF YouTube 

Watch Via TTF Facebook

Please follow TEPP Project’s websiteFacebook, Linkedin as well as on YouTube.  Don’t forget to check out the latest video released by Taiwan Textile Federation "Text ile Silicon Valley in Taiwan” at https://youtu.be/KfdJF-Qp2zA



Taiwan Textile Federation(TTF)

Michael Chang

+886-2-23417251 Ext. 2341


Website: https://export.textiles.org.tw/en 

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